Since the brothers D. Vicente and D. Joaquin Gual Jaurés founded Fincas Gual in 1915, their company has dedicated itself to the Vicenç Gual Jaurésmanagement and sale of real estate.
Following in the footsteps of their ancestors, the sons of D. Vicente, Vicente and Pedro Gual Cabot have continued with the labour, working with both tenacity and integrity within all spheres of the management and real estate business. Such was his dedication to the business, D. Vicente Gual Cabot was made president of the College of Real Estate Agents.

Today the third and fourth generation of Land and Real Estate Agents continue to maintain and strengthen the spirit of client services, efficiency and honesty within the company.
Originally housed in Ronda Sant Pau, the offices of Fincas Gual are now based in a modern building in the heart of Barcelona in Plaza Castilla No. 1-3, and Calle Tallers 77, near to Plaza Catalunya.

FINCAS GUAL'S field of activity is centred in the city of Barcelona and it's metropolitan area although it does also deal with property in the further reaches of Catalunya.

An entire team of professionals with a wide range of experience can be counted on at Fincas Gual. They strive to deal with the different and complex labour involved in property administration as much as in rentals as in the selling and buying of real estate. Today the company is managed by:

JOSE Mª GUAL BANUS, lawyer, land agent and real estate agent with more than forty years in the business.

JORDI GUAL COMELLAS, lawyer, land and real estate agent with a postgraduate degree in Land and Urban Law from the Pompeu Fabra University , Barcelona.

ALBERT GUAL COMELLAS, lawyer, land and real estate agent, Graduate Program for Real Estate Law, Urban Law and Building Law (LL.M.), Pompeu Fabra University, Institute of Continuing Legal Education, Barcelona.